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4 Reasons Guys Should Give a Shit about Skincare

Listen guys, we know it's not your fault. All the marketing out there makes you believe that a 6 in 1 body wash/face/hair/shave/whatever is all you need, and you'll come out the other side smelling like swagger (whatever that means).

Here are 4 changes you can make to step up your skin care routine- because guys deserve self love and skincare routines too.

1. Body Wash-

Do you know why you can be sniffed out from almost anywhere? You guessed it! Chemicals galore. These type of body washes are loaded with chemicals that don't do your skin any favors. Try reading the ingredient label, I would bet you can't pronounce half of them (I know I can't!).

Did you know that your skin is the body's largest and most absorbent organ? This is why you should give a shit about what you put on it. There are plenty of GREAT chemical free options that smell awesome and actually leave your skin feeling nourished *cue our Charcoal Sandalwood Soap*.

Our natural soaps use plant based oils and organic essential oils to help promote hydration and healing. Also, the charcoal is moderately exfoliating (great for removing dead skin) and known for removing odors!

2. Face-

Do you moisturize that handsome face of yours? Because let me tell you we know way too many dudes that don't. We can't imagine anything worse than getting out of the shower with a fresh face and NOT applying moisturizer. We know it's hard to moisturize when you have facial hair- thats why beard balm or beard oil is a great option. Our balm and oils are all natural completely organic, and work to not only soften and tame the mane- but they also hydrate your skin beneath, preventing dry skin and flaky beards.

3. Hair-

Store bought shampoos are loaded with chemicals that do NOT do good things to your scalp and hair. So finish up that 6 in 1 bottle of whatever and get something that specifically benefits your hair like our chemical free shampoo bars. They last for a long time- and are great for your scalp and hair. A bonus: By switching over to a shampoo bar- you go plastic free!

4. Feet-

Feet can be gross. Whether you wear work boots or oxfords all day- your feet take a beating. So why not start giving your feet a little love. Our Foot Rescue is a densely rich moisturizing balm for very dry feet. It has oregano oil and peppermint as well as magnesium to help nourish, re-hydrate and soften thick dry skin. Get yourself a pumice sponge as well to use on your feet in the shower to really exfoliate and rejuvenate those feet of yours. Your sig other will thank you at bed time.

At the end of the day (or beginning), it's really not that hard to incorporate these changes into your routine. We suggest giving it a go and are confident you'll be happy with the results!

If you're feeling intimidated, don't hesitate to reach out with any questions!! We are always here to help guide you on your path to better skincare routines.

Thanks for dropping by!


Devon and Michele

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