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Welcome to Hazel & Bee Organics

We are so happy you are here. 

At Hazel and Bee Organics, we believe that natural & organic skincare should be accessible to everyone.


We make everything by hand in small batches in Southern Vermont. We think that chemical free, all natural products are the only products that you should put on your skin.


I'm Michele

And these are my pugs Hazel and Bee. They just so happen to be the inspiration behind my brand name.

I started creating organic and natural products many many years ago, and turned it into a business with my daughter in January of 2020.  ⁠ ⁠

In addition to my passion for pugs and clean skin care products I also love Gardening, Tattoos, Foraging for mushrooms, Nursing, Scottish highlander cows, Beekeeping, Red Wine, Ireland, Hiking, Being a mother to my 5 kids + 2 bonus kids, and My granddaughters.

xo Michele

I'm Devon

I am Michele's oldest child.

My mom has always made salves and lotions over the years, but things changed when my second child was dealing with dry skin and eczema that never seemed to ease. She knew the store bought products with chemicals, preservatives and synthetic scents were not helping heal my daughters skin, and she took it upon herself to find something that would.


From brand design, photos, social media marketing and managing our website- I handle things here on the back end.

In addition what I do at Hazel and Bee, I also live in Southern Vermont with my family, 3 dogs, 2 cats & chickens. I love snowboarding, good hats, gardening, cheese boards, writing, alpacas, magic, photography, wine, fixing up our "old cabin", rocks, my sweet daughters & handsome hubby, our wood stove, traveling, dreaming big dreams and so much more! 

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