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10 Vermont-based Businesses to Shop for the Holidays this Year

Many of us love supporting our local community and small biz owners on a regular basis, but this year it is ESPECIALLY important to make a conscious effort to do so. With strict covid guidelines in place, small businesses have not been able to operate as usual. They have had to pivot and find ways to stay afloat amongst the chaos of the unknown. Instead of making the billion dollar corporations that much richer, let's put our hard earned dollars back into this lovely state we call home by supporting our small businesses.

That being said, this holiday season we wanted to take the opportunity to showcase some AMAZING Vermont based businesses. Many of these businesses have wonderful and easy to shop websites that we have compiled into one place for your convienent "one stop shop" needs!

We have curated and hand selected some of our favorite Vermont brands that you need to know:

1. Hazel and Bee Organics- Our skin care products are all natural & organic, and free of harmful chemicals and preservatives. They are all made in small batches right here in Southern Vermont!

From our 100% organic velvet face lotion, to our beard balm- we have you covered in the gift department! Some customer favorites include our soy candles, charcoal activated soap, whipped body butters, and sugar scrubs. Also, available this holiday season are gift boxes for easy and thoughtful gift giving!

2. Red House- If anyone was wondering what to get us for the holidays, we will take one of each! These waxed canvas bags are literally to die for in both design and construction. Based in Burlington, VT these 100% handmade designs showcase a beautiful pairing of materials and craftsmanship.

3. Ian Compton Design- Professional skier turned woodworker, Ian has an eye for creating beautiful works of art inspired by the woods of Vermont. His pieces are all handmade and would make the perfect gift for someone who appreciates attention to detail. His charcuterie sets are one of our personal favorites!

4. Sugarhouse Ceramic Co.- Sugarhouse Ceramic Co. has some of THE cutest signature patterns that we've ever seen on ceramics. Their colors are fun and bright and Natasha's illustrator roots definitely come through in her designs. And can we also talk about their handmade paint pallets? Because these are beyond fun and the perfect gift for the artist in your life.

Sugarhouse Ceramic Co. Paint Pallet

5. Weaving Winds- One of our favorite pairs of earrings, hands down! Our crescent moon earrings are super lightweight (a MUST when we wear dangly earrings) and also SO cute. Will definitely be gifting these this year. Everything is hand cut and made in Southern Vermont.

Weaving Winds Earrings

6. Farmhouse Pottery- This hand thrown in Vermont pottery is not only stunning in any kitchen, but it is also durable. Having a few pieces ourselves, we can attest to the durability and classic clean farmhouse design. And to top it off- their pieces are oven, microwave and dishwasher safe!

7. Snug Life- Snug Life is an apparel brand with roots deep in the snowboarding world. They make gators, headwear, hoodies and more! They also have super cool facemasks too if you want your daily mask to be as stylish as it is comfy!

8. Rung Design Craft- In addition to her impressive hand lettering abilities, these fun colors, amazing fonts and funny phrases are a signature staple in Lauren's hand painted signs. Custom designs are also available and make a super special gift for anyone. Based in Jamaica, VT and available on Etsy or via Instagram!

9. Darn Tough Socks- As an avid Darn Tough fan, we can assure you YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED. Manufactured *in Vermont* for over 40 years they can truly stand behind their quote "Nobody ever outsourced anything for quality". Not only are these wool socks comfortable and warm, but they have a lifetime guarantee and will replace your socks if you wear a hole. Disclaimer: Nothing makes adults (or is it just New England adults?) as excited as receiving wool socks as gifts. We literally swapped our yankee gift of alcohol last Christmas for Darn Tough Socks. 100/10 recommend.

10. Vermont Macrame Company- Not only are we obsessed with the Vermont Macrame wall hangings- but would you look at these plant hangers?! I think it is safe to say many of us have developed a *slight* houseplant addiction during our time spent at home over these past months, and what a great way to display these little cuties! I know many gals and guys that would love to receive one of these beautiful hand woven pieces of art for the holidays!

Thanks for supporting Vermont artists and businesses! Happy Holiday Shopping!!

~michele and devon

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